New SDK enables authentication and signing for your own mobile app

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches a software development kit (SDK) that makes it possible for organizations to easily build branded mobile apps with two-factor authentication (2FA) and digital signing capabilities. “Our new SDK contains all the features from our popular mobile app Nexus Personal Mobile,” says product manager Anders Wallbom.

With Nexus Personal Mobile SDK, you can build an authentication and signing app that lets your users get access to all the digital resources you choose, either via a computer or straight from the mobile phone. You also enable user-friendly digital signatures.

Making life easier for your users

“Mobile device 2FA and signing makes life easier for your users, since it means that they don’t need to carry around separate authentication hardware around everywhere, such as PKI cards or physical one-time password (OTP) tokens,” says Wallbom.

Even though Personal Mobile is popular, many organizations want a 2FA and signing app with their own branding and functionality.

“We have already used Personal Mobile SDK to build apps for our customers, such as online banking apps. But we are not a consulting company; we are a product company, so we’ve now launched the SDK as a product for our customers and partners to use themselves,” says Wallbom.

Providing advanced security

The SDK enables features such as push notifications, and authentication and signing with a single touch on the fingerprint reader. It also provides advanced security.

“To build an advanced 2FA and signing app from scratch is complicated, time consuming and expensive. Our SDK is a real game changer,” says Wallbom.

The app you build can be used together with Nexus’s authentication and single sign-on (SSO) platform and Nexus GO cloud services.

“But you don’t have to use our products – the app can be integrated with any identity provider (IdP) software using our messaging server,” says Wallbom.