New HR Manager at Nexus Spurs Increasing Growth Rate

Swedish-owned Nexus operates on a quickly expanding and international market, and the company is well positioned to continue gaining market shares, according to Lars Pettersson.

“We have an assertive plan for growth. Over the last nine months, we’ve recruited more than one hundred new employees, who are among the world’s best when it comes to identity management and IT security. And we’re going to continue recruiting others to lead the company into the next phase,” he says.

Lars Pettersson was himself recruited to Nexus in September last year, precisely because he has many years’ experience of scaling up companies.

“I want to make sure that our growth is accompanied by quality, and to ensure that our employees are given the opportunity to develop in a dynamic and tolerant environment. That’s why we’ve recruited Sofie Nyreröd, a well-respected HR luminary and the right person for leading our core values: we care, we innovate, we are committed,” Lars Pettersson says.

Sofie Nyreröd will assume her post on 19 September and will be given the newly created role of strategic HR manager, that is, chief human resources officer (CHRO), with a seat in the management team.

“Lars attracted me to Nexus by telling me that I’d be part of setting up a people-friendly super-company,” Sofie Nyreröd says. “Nexus is guided by values and has a newly established management team with massive expertise.”

Sofie Nyreröd has more than 30 years of experience as a personnel manager at large enterprises like the insurance company If and the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, among others.

“Sofie is one of several of our newly recruited key people who’ve left influential, reputed jobs to participate in our journey of growth. What attracts excellent people to Nexus is the opportunity to rapidly achieve results and implement things that take entirely too much time in large companies. We also provide a large production portfolio with high-class technology and a large focus on innovation and product development – that also attracts them,” Lars Pettersson concludes.