EduAdmin selects Nexus for the next generation of mobile diplomas for the edtech industry!

EduAdmin is a SaaS Training Management System for all types of training, developed by MultiNet Interactive AB. EduAdmin manages the entire workflow for online, blended and ordinary classroom trainings, including booking, automated invoicing and registration of attendees.

When a participant has completed a course, it´s important for them to show their new level of competence. In addition, they need to have a visual identification ensuring they have the right certificates to perform specific work.

This is why it was important for EduAdmin and MultiNet to find a partner with proven solutions and skills to ensure secure identities, both as a physical card and as a mobile ID.

To get automated and efficient workflows for the users, MultiNet has integrated EduAdmin with Nexus GO Cards. When a participant has completed a mandatory course, an order for a certificate or a diploma will be sent to Nexus GO Cards. A mobile ID and a physical card with the new level of authorization will be produced and delivered.

By integrating EduAdmin with Nexus GO Cards, the administration time is reduced and the attendees will have their diplomas immediately. With just a few clicks, the standard module Nexus GO Cards can be activated in the EduAdmin software solution!

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About EduAdmin and MultiNet

EduAdmin is a SaaS Training Management System for all types of training, developed by MultiNet Interactive AB. MultiNet develops web services for e-marketing, digital vacation planning and online training with a focus to support companies to become more productive and profitable.

EduAdmin is the largest player for online training in the Nordic area.

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About Nexus GO Cards

Nexus GO Cards is the most secure and complete solution for card management including ordering and production of physical cards and mobile IDs.

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