Morphean and Nexus enter partnership around cloud-based access control

A new partnership between identity and security company Nexus Group and video surveillance vendor Morphean is making it possible to remotely manage access control and link events with video, as well as easily manage and order access cards and card readers. “Nexus’s world-class card readers and their easy-to-use card ordering portal are indispensable parts of our new cloud-based access control solution,” says Martyn Ryder, vice president of sales and marketing at Morphean.

The new solution, Morphean Access Control, is the latest extension of Morphean’s video surveillance and business intelligence platform.

“Morphean Access Control is a fully integrated solution with tight interaction between access control and video surveillance. It provides customers, service providers and alarm receiving centers with an easy-to-use interface to manage, audit and interact with physical access control,” says Ryder.

The latest in RFID technology

Morphean has been looking for a partner to provide access cards and card readers, and they decided on Nexus.

“Their RFID reader family Cidron combines the latest technology with an attractive and customizable design,” says Ryder.

Cidron can easily be integrated into most physical access control systems, and it supports all standard access cards on the market.

Ready-to-use cards as a service

“And Nexus’s card ordering service, Nexus GO Cards as a Service, makes it really smooth and cost-effective to order ready-to-use access cards. We are very happy with our choice, and consider Nexus a key partner,” says Ryder.

Robert Jansson, responsible at Nexus for the partnership, is pleased that yet another prominent player has chosen to include Cidron and Nexus GO Cards as a Service in their solutions.

The highest level of security by default

“One of our biggest strengths is that we provide the highest level of security by default. End customers seldom know what the best choices are when it comes to physical access control, and far too many vendors sell them security technology that has been cracked many years ago. This new partnership means that Morphean’s customers can relax and feel confident that they are getting world-class security, based on open standards,” says Jansson.

About Morphean

Morphean is a Swiss high-tech company, regarded as the European leader in video monitoring and surveillance platforms. We deliver a revolutionary VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution that sets a new standard for video protection. We offer the best and smoothest solution for proactive video surveillance, easy-to-manage access control and smart business intelligence analysis. Our exclusive know-how has been achieved through 15 years of experience as a pioneer in digital video protection systems. Our unique expertise is based on our proficiency in cutting-edge technologies like the IoT (internet of things), big data, analytics and the cloud. Our strong positioning is the result of the confidence major companies in the security market have placed on us. Morphean is located in Switzerland, Germany and the UK. The company is active in the whole of Europe and serves customers worldwide.