LuxTrust opts for Nexus’s solution to issue eIDs to everybody in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s national trust services provider LuxTrust opts for Swedish-owned identity and security company Nexus Group’s certificate authority (CA) software to be able to issue and manage electronic identities (eIDs) for everybody living or working in Luxembourg. “Nexus’s CA software is the most innovative and flexible on the market, and it is easy to administer,” says Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust.

2017-04-24 PRESS RELEASE LuxTrust was created in 2005, on the initiative of the government in Luxembourg, and is now co-owned by the government and a number of retail banks.

“We issue eIDs to everybody living or working in Luxembourg. The eIDs are multi-applicable, which means they are used for granting secure access to a wide range of e-services within both the private and public sector, and for making legally binding digital signatures,” says Rogiest.

LuxTrust is fully certified according to eIDAS, which is an EU regulation covering electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.

“Our certificates are deemed ‘qualified,’ according to eIDAS, which means that our services are ranked as having the highest possible quality. This of course also means that we have very high demands on the CA software we use, since the CA software is our core tool,” says Rogiest.

LuxTrust needed to find a replacement for their current CA software in order to cope with new market demands, according Rogiest.

“We have gone through the alternatives on the market in a very thorough manner. Nexus’s CA software Certificate Manager has nearly all the functionality we want. Some are missing, but Nexus will develop and include them in the product. The Nexus team was very responsive, and the people are of a very good quality.”

LuxTrust is planning to expand internationally, and Certificate Manager is the best CA software to support this, according to Rogiest.

“To be able to expand internationally, we need a flexible and easily configurable CA software that is able to deliver different kinds of certificates in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Certificate Manager offers us all of this at a very competitive price, and the software is also multitenant, which means that we can run a number of different CAs,” says Rogiest.

Jonas Dahlberg, Vice President of Business Development at Nexus, is pleased but not surprised that LuxTrust has chosen Nexus’s solution.

“Certificate Manager is a very capable CA software, and that yet a trust services provider opts for it is a strong endorsement of these capabilities. In addition, LuxTrust is a very interesting player in the selective club of European trust services providers, and we think that there are good opportunities for cooperation and partnership between our companies,” says Dahlberg.

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