Lomma streamlines municipality’s workflow with digital signing

Lomma Municipality is one of many municipalities digitizing their business by introducing digital signatures. “It takes time for employees and external vendors coming to our reception to sign documents. The introduction of digital signing is speeding up our processes, which helps us save money and be more environmentally responsible,” says Patrik Flensburg, Service Manager at Lomma Municipality.

Many municipalities have to drive around in a car or send internal mail to get important documents signed. Decision documents for the City Council, legal documents relating to child care, building permits, childcare applications, employment contracts or just common process documents are used in different operating systems and often imported into other systems. “There is a huge demand for digital signatures from both HR and IT departments in municipalities and private companies who want to digitize their processes, to speed up those processes and be more cost-efficient. The advantage of our digital signing solution is that it can be linked to the organization’s operating system without a need for any on-site installation. Our cloud service is also safe and up and running within a few hours,” says Patrik Zangaro, IT Sales Manager for Nexus Sweden.

Digital signing speeds up processes

Lomma Municipality chose the Nexus PDF Signing service, a cloud solution that will be linked to the municipality’s operating systems. “When we log in to our operating systems with SSO (Single Sign-On), Nexus’s signing solution is right there, which makes it very easy. I upload the document I want to sign, choose which colleagues or external stakeholders need to sign it digitally, and then press the send button. They then receive an email notifying them that there is a document for them to sign. Once they have read it, they sign the document using Nexus Personal Mobile, an authentication app that works just like Swedish Mobile BankID. When someone signs, I immediately receive an email. Just as simple as that,” says Patrik Flensburg.

All signatures are saved digitally so that you can track who signed and when. You will also be able to see that a certain signature is valid by verifying via a Nexus client. “The advantage of Nexus PDF Signing is that it’s easy to buy, install and manage. In addition, it has a link to our own Identity Provider (IDP), which allows us to use the two factor authentications (2FA) contained in our IDP. With this link, for example, you can sign with an SMS (mobile text message). We will also connect the Nexus signing solution, via an API link, to several of our systems, which means that we can sign through the operating system instead of signing in a separate portal. We chose Nexus because they are a trusted vendor in the identity and security industry and because they are well established in most municipalities in Sweden,” says Patrik Flensburg.

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"It takes time for employees and external vendors coming to our reception to sign documents. The introduction of digital signing is speeding up our processes, which helps us save money and be more environmentally responsible."


Lomma Municipality was founded in 1960 through a merger of Lomma town and Flädie Municipality. In 2017/2018, the municipality had about 24 200 inhabitants.

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