Lomma municipality uses Nexus Smart ID to boost the security of its shared mobile devices

Lomma municipality is a longstanding Nexus customer. When they were looking for a simplified solution for their employees to access internal resources as well as highly sensitive public information from service providers like hospitals, schools, etc., Nexus GO Workforce became the definitive choice.

“To move forward in the digital transformation, it is crucial to have a digital identity in place. Nexus GO Workforce solves this for us”, adds Patrik Flensburg, IT Manager at Lomma Municipality, on why they chose Nexus GO services.

GO Workforce, a cloud service offered by Nexus, will enable Lomma to issue trusted identities for its employees, in the form most suitable for the role and its need. Identities can be hosted on physical smartcards or on virtual smart cards on laptops (TPM-based VSCs) and mobile phones (mobile VSCs).

Virtual smart cards use existing technology and devices known to the users which makes adoption faster and at a much lower cost of ownership. It also offers intuitive and user-friendly multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods.

For the municipality, it was critical that the solution offer an option to securely access shared mobile phones. GO Workforce includes an authentication option designed specifically for such shared mobile device environment. NFC compatible PKI smartcards allow for contactless identification of a user on a shared smartphone. The user is then required to further authenticate themself using strong MFA.

GO Workforce simplifies the lifecycle management of identities and credentials based on PKI through streamlined processes. Offered as-a-service means Nexus will develop, install, configure, and operate the set-up for Lomma. This offers Lomma the opportunity to quickly deploy a scalable solution.

Pulsen, a European system integrator, was a major contributor in Nexus’ this success.


About Lomma municipality

Lomma municipality is south of Sweden and has 25,000 inhabitants. With its proximity to one of Sweden’s largest cities and the closeness to the sea, the municipality has created an attractive environment that attracts many to settle there. Lomma municipality is often at the top when it comes to comparisons between municipalities. In the year 2021, Lomma was called to be one of the "best municipalities to live in" in Sweden.

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