Login to Office 365 with your face

Identity and security company Nexus Group is the first authentication app supplier to show off login with iPhone X Face ID to digital resources on a computer. “We developed this new feature in our authentication and signing app Nexus Personal Mobile this weekend,” says Magnus Rosén, developer at Nexus

In the video, you can see how smooth it is to log in to Microsoft Office 365 with facial recognition in the authentication app on your iPhone X.

The new feature in Nexus Personal Mobile lets users log in via facial recognition to all digital resources that are made available to them by, for example, their employer, school or bank.

“The new feature is already live and included in the version of Personal Mobile that is available for download on Apple’s App Store,” says Rosén.

Available as an SDK for integration in other apps

Personal Mobile is a part of a login solution  that supports identity federation and single sign-on (SSO), which means that users only have to log on once to get access to all published resources. The login solution is a part of the Nexus Smart ID solution.

Personal Mobile is also available as a software development kit (SDK), allowing for seamless integration in other mobile apps.

Contact Nexus for a free trial or more info.

From November 21, it will also be possible for users to sign PDF documents with their faces – stay tuned.