KuppingerCole Recommends Nexus Dynamic Identity Platform

Holistic Solution Combines Centralized Identity Management with Flexible Capabilities

With its Nexus Dynamic Identity Platform, Nexus,a leading international provider of security solutions and services, offers an excellent solution for all companies planning an IAM project. This is the conclusion reached by analyst company KuppingerCole in a recent report.

Today’s businesses are undergoing a process of profound change. Business models and technologies are becoming increasingly interconnected and the borders between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. To stay competitive, companies have to interact with numerous external stakeholders such as partners and customers and open their processes to the outside world. For a secure and seamless exchange, all entities – whether they are people, devices or services – need an identity. Often enough, however, the lack of uniform standards is still an obstacle to achieving true interoperability, resulting in isolated silos and a persistent separation of physical and digital security. With the Nexus Dynamic Identity Platform, companies have the opportunity to overcome this separation and integrate all identities and entitlements into one unified system.

The Nexus Dynamic Identity Platform comprises the key modules Identity Management, Access and Authentication Management as well as Certificate and Key Management. Providing a foundation for the secure management of various physical and digital identities, the platform is designed around the following core principles:

  • Holistic approach incorporating requirements from both physical and digital security,
  • Modular architecture enabling a step-by-step integration with existing IAM infrastructures as well as the gradual addition of new services,
  • Cloud-ready multitenant design offering nearly unlimited scalability,
  • Broad support for identity- and security-related standards, protocols and algorithms, enabling the easy addition of new ones.

In its recent report1, KuppingerCole rates Nexus as a “strong contender for almost any organization planning an IAM project.” “Decades of experience and a broad range of consulting and implementation services offered by the company ensure that it is capable of delivering both turnkey solutions and custom projects involving gradual integration with existing IAM infrastructures,” says Alexei Balaganski, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole.

“We are excited by KuppingerCole’s positive evaluation of our platform”, says Jürgen König, Chief Marketing Officer, Nexus . “It confirms our ambition to offer companies the best possible security in times of rapid digitization. A holistic, unified identity and access management offers a flexible as well as robust foundation for achieving this goal.”

1 KuppingerCole, “Executive View: Nexus Dynamic Identity Platform” by Alexei Balaganski, July 2015.

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