Kristinehamn Municipality boosts security with dynamic identity management

Many municipal employees handle sensitive data, including within school administration and healthcare. The Nexus dynamic platform for physical and digital identity management gives the municipality complete control over who is on the premises and access to the computer network. The solution also ensures that the municipality can easily control which users are authorized for which information.

– The process started with the introduction of a new care system that required secure login. “We decided at that time to update other processes in the municipality on how we handle sensitive information and access to our premises and network, says Stellan Sjögren, IT Manager for Kristinehamn Municipality.

The municipality wanted to ensure that the new PRIME solution – a platform designed to facilitate physical and digital identity management – made security easier and more efficient.

– Advanced security solutions, of which PRIME is an example, not only make security easier, but also simplify administration. For example, certain municipal employees will be able to issue ID cards and administer access moving forwards. That creates a more secure environment, more satisfied employees and simpler administration, explains Simon Thomas, responsible for the project at Nexus.

Can increase public confidence in the municipality

As part of the solution, municipal employees will be issued with a new ID card. The new card will mean they can identify themselves physically and digitally. That means more control over who is on the premises and is authorized to access everything from computer network to printers and documents.

– A municipality like ours has a lot of employees, and it is extremely important that we can manage who has access to our premises and to what information. Apart from boosting security, it will also boost public confidence over time in the municipality,” says Sjögren.

More and more local authorities choose PRIME

Nexus – the market leader – was the only supplier able to meet all the requirements laid down by the municipality in its invitation to tender. The company enjoys a unique position on the market with its ability to integrate solutions for digital and physical access.

– We find that more and more local authorities want all-round control over security and to integrate digital and physical access. That has made our solutions PRIME to become the first choice for local authorities who want advanced protection, which we think is an enormous pat on the back for us,” concludes Thomas.