Knowit and Nexus enter partnership – login with Swedish BankID first step

Identity and security company Nexus Group and consultancy company Knowit have entered a partnership to offer customers better and more cost-efficient security solutions. “We don’t believe in having our own product development. Instead, we find companies that make great technology and partner up with them,” says Joakim Jormelin, business area manager for Knowit Experience in Norrland, Sweden.

Knowit often builds external websites and intranets for its customers, and the need for reliable user authentication is ever increasing.

“Authentication is needed partly to tie together different systems, and partly because the EU’s GDPR places a high demand on us to verify user identities,” says Jormelin.

Knowit has therefore been looking for a partner in the field, and they have now decided on Nexus.

Why Knowit chose to work with Nexus

“There are a number of reasons for it. To begin with, we want a real to talk to, and not just an anonymous email box. Our projects often move quickly, and our partners must be able to match our pace. In addition, we appreciate that there is no competition between us: we manage the implementation and Nexus manages the technology development,” says Jormelin.

The fact that Nexus is a Swedish-owned company is another plus, as it makes the invoices much smoother, according to Jormelin.

“A flexible and good product”

“Last but not least, Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID is a flexible, good and hassle-free product, which is very easy to integrate. Additionally, it’s easy to customize the design so that the BankID login really feels like the customer’s site – that’s important when you have put in a lot of energy on the interface of the rest of the site. In fact, we have not found a single disadvantage of the product,” says Jormelin.

The plan is to extend the cooperation with Nexus to other areas too.

More cloud services for login and signing

“The new cloud service Nexus GO Signing with Swedish BankID is highly interesting. A whole lot of permissions for storing personal data will be required in the future, and the more you can cut paper out of the process, the smoother it will be,” says Jormelin.

Knowit is also interested in the cloud services for login and signing with other electronic identities than Swedish BankID that Nexus releases shortly.

“Looking further forward, it would be exciting to cooperate in connecting digital and physical access control. Nexus has a strong product portfolio in both areas, so I see great opportunities here,” says Jormelin.

Partners help Nexus reach out

Per-Erik Nilsson, responsible for the partnership at Nexus, agrees.

“We are incredibly strong in product development in digital and physical access, but we need the help of really good partners to take our solutions to end customers around the world,” says Nilsson.

About Knowit

Knowit AB (publ) is a consultancy firm that creates unique customer value in a world of accelerating digitization, by offering international solutions in three divisions – Experience, Insight and Solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to combine expertise in design, communication, management consulting and IT. Our culture is characterized by openness, understanding of the customer’s business, high specialist competence and a willingness to constantly develop. Knowit was established in 1990 and today has approximately 2,000 employees in 14 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Germany. Knowit AB (publ) is listed on the Nordic stock exchange in Stockholm. For more information about Knowit, please visit


Contact information

Per-Erik Nilsson
Key Account Manager at Nexus

Carolen Ytander
CMO of Nexus

Joakim Jormelin
Business area manager at Knowit Experience Norrland (in the pic)
Tel. +46 70 619 61 65

Christina Johansson
Head of communications at Knowit
Tel. +46 70 542 17 34

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