Mobile network operators face many challenges to protect LTE networks that lie behind the 4G infrastructure. Telecom companies need to provide secure communications in their networks, and need to know how to choose the right security for their infrastructure. Operators who want to grow and adapt to future opportunities with the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G need to consider how they will achieve high security, internal threat protection, supplier independence, automated certificate management, strong device identities, scalability and accessibility.

In order to be able to securely encrypt communications, thus protecting against unauthorized interception and hijackers, all connected devices need a trusted identity. Nexus has solutions to enable this through the PKI platform Nexus Certificate Manager.

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Nexus complete solution for Smart ID

Employees and consultants in the company must also be able to be visually identified, and securely access physical and digital resources. It is important that only authorized persons have access to premises and digital resources, and that the organization complies with all applicable rules and regulations, such as GDPR. It is also crucial to utilize time and resource saving technologies such as electronic signatures, automation and self-service.

Nexus has helped a large number of organizations across many sectors by providing multifunctional ID cards with photos (also called service IDs, e-passports, corporate credentials or common access cards) and software to handle different types of physical and digital access. Nexus’s comprehensive Smart ID solution includes features to easily and efficiently the entire life cycle of cards as well as the mobile ID and other identity carriers.

Nexus solution is compatible with most systems for physical and digital access and offers additional extensions, such as a wide range of two-factor authentication methods, electronic signatures as a service (SaaS), unique card readers for integration, and integration with passport systems from leading providers. All modules can be configured to meet local requirements.

Nexus has competitorsfor every component of the Nexus Smart ID solution, but we are the only company that can deliver a comprehensive solution for physical and digital access. With our solution, you do not need to replace any of your existing systems, since it acts as a layer on top of your other systems. Our solution enables you to streamline your processes and avoid the limitations of each of your existing systems.

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