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Organizations within the health care and education sectors need to secure paperless workflows and comply with regulations. They also need to identify their employees or students visually, as well as give them secure access to physical and digital resources. Nexus has the solutions required to enable this.

It is important that only authorized people get access to facilities such as schools, hospitals and caretakers’ homes, and to digital resources such as computers and cloud services. The organization must also follow all the different rules and regulations that apply to health care and education sectors in its region. It is also paramount to take advantage of time and resource saving technologies such as digital signing, and to utilize automation and self-service due to the high number of students and employees.

The Nexus Smart ID solution

Nexus has helped numerous organizations within health care and education sectors by providing multifunctional ID cards with photos (also called professional ID cards, student ID cards or common access cards) along with software to manage different kinds of both physical and digital access. The Nexus Smart ID solution also includes ID life-cycle management capabilities with self-service components to manage the cards as well as mobile IDs and other authenticators.

The solution is compatible with most systems for physical and digital access. We also offer optional add-ons, including a range of two-factor authentication methods, digital signing as a service, integration with physical access control systems from leading vendors, and unique card readers. All modules can be configured to meet local requirements.

We have competitors for each component in the Nexus Smart ID solution, but we are the only company that can deliver the whole package with one single administration interface. With our solution, you do not have to replace any of your existing systems – our solution operates as a layer on top of your other systems, so that you can streamline your processes and avoid the limitations of each of your existing systems.

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Enabling e-services

Caretakers, students and parents are increasingly expecting schools, hospitals and other organizations within the health care and education sectors to offer e-services. To make this possible, smooth and secure solutions for user login and digital signing are required.

Nexus offers solutions that make it easy to integrate user login with two-factor authentication and signatures into a website. These solutions enable you to utilize nation-wide electronic IDs such as Swedish BankID, electronic IDs that follow the EU regulation eIDAS, and electronic IDs that you yourself issue to your users.

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