iFortify builds trust in Digital Africa with Nexus PKI service

At Nexus, we take immense pride in enabling organizations worldwide to strengthen digital security. Today, we are thrilled to announce that iFortify, a forward-thinking company based in Uganda, has chosen Nexus to establish a robust Trust Center, a pivotal step in ensuring digital trust and security for various African organizations.

In an era where digital transactions and data exchanges are the norm, trust and security are non-negotiable. A Trust Center, powered by Nexus GO IoT PKI, serves as the bedrock of trust in the digital realm. It plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing confidentiality, authentication, and security in every digital interaction.

iFortify has embarked on a mission to bring the power of digital trust to Uganda's Telcos, Fintech companies, Universities, and Government departments. Notably, major telcos have already embraced this vision.

Telcos in Uganda have swiftly deployed payment platforms and adopted Open APIs, opening the doors to secure third-party connections for payment processing. Recognizing the importance of robust security, they've chosen Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a service from a trusted provider like iFortify.

Here's how the iFortify Trust Center, backed by Nexus PKI platform, operates:

  1. Client Onboarding: after completing KYC (Know Your Customer), telcos initiate the process by requesting a certificate from iFortify.
  2. Payment: Customers securely pay for the certificate through iFortify's Wallet.
  3. Certificate Issuance: Upon payment confirmation, iFortify issues a certificate, valid for one year and renewable, to Telco's end client.
  4. Lifecycle Management: iFortify manages the certificate lifecycle with seamless support from Nexus.

This collaborative effort ensures that trust and security are seamlessly integrated into the digital fabric of Uganda's businesses and institutions.

The partnership between iFortify and Nexus is a testament to our shared commitment to digital trust and security. Together, we are forging a more secure digital future for Uganda and beyond.





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