Identify yourself! 5 steps to secure identity management

Do you manage many different identities without having a proper overview? Security need not be complicated. We have listed 5 steps to secure and efficient identity management.

Identify your identities.

Do you have several localities and offices? Do you use computers or robots in your operations? People as well as units can need to have an identity. In order to ensure that communication between them is run in a secure manner, they need to be identified and assigned a specific entitlement. Which of them needs to have full entitlement and which of them needs a limited one?

Know the difference between physical and digital identification

Most people associate physical identification with a passport or driver’s license, complete with photograph, name, and personal identity number. Digital identification can, on the other hand, be regarded as more tricky, even though the principle is the same. Perhaps you log into your bank with a mobile BankID, or with the help of a unique code? Your digital identity is confirmed by means of a digital passport and shows that you are you, even when you are not in place physically.

Fewer keys = greater security!

100 doors, one key. By using the same key for several locks, the management of entitlement becomes more simple, and the owner can avoid having to carry around and manage several different cards and keys. Gain access to doors, log into a computer, and make a signature with one single key – which can be blocked by pushing a button.

Become faster than Usain Bolt (with regard to identity management)

Has a co-worker quit, changed office, or received a new work assignment? To be able to cancel or upgrade entitlement quickly ensures that the right person always has the right entitlement. By means of centralized management, it becomes possible to manage identities at other geographical places, regardless of the day of the week or the time. In other words – avoid lengthy turnaround time for secure identity management.

Software, digital visiting system, or manual management?

The use of different solutions for different offices or localities increases security risks and makes overall management difficult. One system for all facilities, but with customized options, provides a high level of security throughout, for all identities.

Would you like to know more about secure identity management? Read about Nexus ID Management or let us contact you to tell you more.