Identities for IoT devices soon available as a Service  

In February 2019 Nexus launches a cloud service for issuance of digital identities (PKI certificates) for IoT devices. The service is easy to set up, for example to get started with an IoT proof-of-concept (PoC) to verify the functionality of devices. Requesting certificates is achieved by use of any of the standardized certificate enrollment protocols supported by the service.

Starting with a test environment is perfect for getting all the routines in place before going live with the service. The customer can also fine tune the certificate content and verify that it works with the intended usage before devices are deployed in real environments. A test service like: Nexus GO Identities, for IoT can be very helpful for manufacturers developing support for certificate handling in devices. The end customer, who buys the product, can then turn to Nexus to order certificates for productive usage.

The customer starts with registering an account on Nexus GO and continues to the service to specify the preferred and unique name for the CA (certificate authority), which will be created before certificates can be issued. The customer specifies the protocol (EST or EST coaps) that the devices will use to order certificates. When the registration is ready and submitted, Nexus will check the order and contact the customer if needed. Then the unique customer environment will be set up and the customer receives a link, which the devices can use to order certificates.

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