How SBAB digitized their operations

With over 300,000 active savings accounts and a quarter of a million mortgage customers, a bank needs to have a secure login and a stable system. SBAB is one of the largest actors on the mortgage market and knows what the customers demand  – and how to deliver this.

Nexus and SBAB initiated their collaboration in September, 2013, when they signed a 5-year agreement aimed at digitizing SBAB’s operations.

“For us, user friendliness was the alpha and omega, which meant that our focus was on developing a digital service with high accessibility that also lived up to the high security demands, and that made the development of our internet bank possible,” says Jan Stenkvist, Senior vendor manager at SBAB.

All activities take place on-line

A distinctive feature of SBAB, compared to many of their competitors, is that they have chosen to place all of their operations on-line and not to have any physical business offices. This means that the management of mortgages as well as savings and support take place digitally, which also means that accessibility is not limited by opening hours or geography.

“We saw an increased demand for self-service and the desire for transferring assets and administrating savings and loans without having to visit a bank office or sit in a telephone queue. For us, it was a matter of course to build a service that could meet these needs,” says Jan Stenkvist.

Easy login with electronic identification

The security platform which Nexus developed especially for the launch of SBAB’s internet bank has made it possible for their customers to log into the internet bank and to carry out transactions from computers and mobile phones.

“We put on the market an internet bank where our customers could manage their savings and loans. Nexus was able to offer us the combination of a secure system and an easy login procedure, which is appreciated by our customers as well as by SBAB’s employees,” says Jan Stenkvist.

Experience and accessibility – crucial for the choice of supplier

That Nexus was chosen as the supplier was based on, among other aspects, the company’s many years of experience, as well as the accessibility that the company’s system made possible.

“For SBAB and our customers, these services are frequently used, and therefore, for us it is important that they are accessible and simple to use. During these three years it has been precisely the accessibility and the reliability that we have appreciated the most in our collaboration with Nexus. The system is always up and running, and we feel secure that we can always get the support that we need, regardless of how big or small the problem is,” Jan Stenkvist concludes.


"We put on the market an internet bank where our customers could manage their savings and loans. Nexus was able to offer us the combination of a secure system and an easy login procedure."


Sweden’s most satisfied mortgage customers

SBAB has been in existence since 1985 and is a government-owned company that offers loans and saving accounts to private persons, housing co-operatives, and real estate companies. The company has today 450 employees and Sweden’s most satisfied mortgage customers, according to the Swedish Kvalitetsindex (SKI) for the years 2014 and 2015.

Advantages with digital authentication and signature

  • Secure login to the internet bank.
  • Easy management of loan and agreements on line.
  • Safety for customers as well as for personnel.

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