Customer Case: Leading automaker uses Nexus PKI to protect Car2X communication

In this 9-minute video, public key infrastructure (PKI) expert Tamás Horváth explains how a leading automaker protects car-to-everything (Car2X, also known as vehicle-to-everything, V2X) communication with PKI certificates. You will get answers to questions such as:

  • Why is the automaker implementing Car2X communication?
  • How does the automaker use PKI-based IoT security to protect Car2X communication?
  • What are the biggest technical challenges when implementing PKI?
  • Why did the automaker opt for identity and security company Nexus Group as their PKI vendor?
  • Why did the automaker opt for PKI as a service instead of deploying it on premises?


Learn more about securing connected vehicles with the Nexus PKI platform.