Go out and play

The number of connected devices is expected to exceed 20 billion by 2020. At the same time McKinsey estimates that faulty cybersecurity solutions related to this will cost organizations more than 3 trillion dollars by the same year.

No doubt the digitalization and IoT will make a real impact in both private, public sector as well our private lives. The change is dramatic with rapid transformation and regulations aimed to ensure our privacy and to secure our identity work hard to keep up.

Efficiency and cost savings drives the interest, and as a security professional you will spend an increasing amount of time trying to learn and invest for how to best secure all of these new kind end-points.

But if security professionals are worried today, it’s only going to get worse as technology changes faster and becomes more advanced. Now is really the time for every security professional to get onboard. End-points such as connected devices and sensors are introduced at an incredible rate, still no one has yet died but if you were at Home Depot would need to consume the cost of $62m of their security breach you aren’t sleeping very well for some time. So, let’s all get up to speed before more vulnerabilities are exploited by those with bad intentions.

To make it easy for you to grasp the IoT market and types of devices, one could categorize IoT devices into a few different categories, such as smart homes, healthcare, smart offices, industrial, wearables and transportation.

The best way for you to familiarize yourself with all this is to go out and play with as many different kinds of IoT devices as possible. Touch them, configure them, attach them to your network, try them out, try to hack them. Play with them to understand them.

Sure you could read about it. But it is something different to use something first hand. By playing with all these different kind of devices you will get insights, how they work and what vulnerabilities they have.

And, to be honest, you could have a worse day at work than playing around with new smart gadgets.

So go out and play!