“I’ll make sure we create an amazing user experience”

GET TO KNOW Fredrik Broman, vice president of engineering at identity and security company Nexus Group. “What makes me tick is delivering innovative solutions and solving complex customer problems in a super user-friendly way – I’ll make sure we always create an amazing user experience,” he says.

Watch this interview where Fredrik answers why he joined Nexus and why he enjoys working here?

What did you do before you joined Nexus in January 2019?

“I worked as Domain Lead Engineering Effectiveness at Klarna Bank, where I spent four years. Prior to that I worked at several companies in the telecom and financial sectors, where I developed, marketed and sold software products and solutions internationally. Some people with my kind of education – a master’s degree in computer science – only want to work with technology, but sales and marketing are also so much fun,” says Broman.

You are vice president of engineering at Nexus – what does that role entail?

“It consists of two main things: firstly, I’m head of the development team, which means that I manage staff, processes, and technology choices. I decide how to build stuff, and I try to make us more effective.

“Secondly, I’m head of the product management team, which decides what we build and makes sure that we make products that are incredibly user-focused and easy to use, install and maintain. That is, I help guarantee that our products offer an amazing user experience,” says Broman.

What are you working on right now?

“Three things: Firstly, I’m creating a new engineering organization, with a new layer of leaders. I’m also aligning the organization with our two new main offerings: helping organizations to issue, manage and use trusted employee identities, which we call Smart ID Workforce; and helping organizations enable protected communication in the internet of things (IoT), which we call Smart ID IoT.

“Secondly, I’m discussing with the product management team how we can make our Smart ID offerings even sharper.

“Thirdly, our customers are increasingly demanding our solutions as services – either through the cloud or managed by us in our data centers – so I’m making sure we can meet this demand,” says Broman.

Why is the XaaS (anything as a service) model getting increasingly popular?

“People know how hard it is to run and secure stuff themselves. If they buy as a service, they know that everything is always patched, protected and taken care of by dedicated professionals,” says Broman.

Business-to-business (B2B) solutions are being influenced by business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions – in what way?

“Earlier, you could get away with a lot in B2B. But with the influx of terrific B2C products and services, people don’t accept bad B2B solutions anymore – they know how great stuff can be. And this is not only true for the graphical user interfaces: things have to be truly easy to use, and function in a really exceptional manner,” says Broman.

What do you want to accomplish at Nexus?

“What’s most important is that we make our business more scalable. What makes me tick is delivering innovative solutions and solving complex customer problems in a super user-friendly way – I’ll make sure we always create an amazing user experience. And I’ll see to it that we are able to deliver all our solutions as services,” says Broman.

How will Nexus’s customers and partners benefit from your work?

“I’ll ensure that we deliver an even more user-focused offering and an even more coherent product portfolio,” says Broman.

You have a lot on your plate – do you feel stressed out?

“No, not at all. I like having a broad area of responsibility, and one of Nexus’s strengths is that the company has very competent employees that really understand our technology and products – I’m not in any way doing this alone,” says Broman.

What kind of leader are you?

“I’m not a micromanager – but it’s the micro decisions that determine if a product or service becomes a success or not, so it’s paramount that I make sure that the right people make the right micro decisions. If you are to create a stellar user experience, you can’t leave stuff hanging,” says Broman.

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