Fortifying digital trust with Nexus: POS Digicert success story

POS Digicert stands tall as Malaysia’s first licensed Certification Authority (CA) and the largest Trust Center, propelled by the Nexus Smart ID PKI platform. Since its establishment in 1998, POS Digicert has played an instrumental role in the creation of digital identities and the secure digitization of eGovernance across Asia and East Africa.

Trust Centers are the bedrock of digital security, safeguarding critical elements of internet transactions: authentication, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. Digital signatures, encryption, and the necessary infrastructures to support their use are crucial for furthering the growth of eGovernance and digital business.

Laying the foundation of digital trust

POS Digicert has been at the forefront, ensuring the safety of online interactions and fostering a secure digital world. It provides a robust trust model for addressing information security challenges associated with online transactions.

Since its initiation, Nexus has supported POS Digicert in establishing a strong foundation of digital trust through Smart ID PKI. Our time-tested, multitenant platform offers a comprehensive suite that includes Certificate Manager, OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) Server, and Timestamp Authority, a crucial trifecta in digital security.

As Amir Suhaimi, COO at POS Digicert, eloquently states, "Nexus' commitment to security ensures the sanctity of data and trust in all digital interactions. Their Common Criteria EAL 4+ evaluated platform, including source code review, helps us prove to the auditors that the solution is free from backdoors, malicious code, and malware.”

Amir has led the charge in transforming POS Digicert into a premier Electronic Identity provider in the region. He has been championing PKI Implementation in critical eGovernment flagship applications, system integration, and strategic business planning. “The responsiveness of the Nexus team over the years has been a defining factor in our partnership,” he further adds on the longstanding successful partnership.

Shaping the future of secure digitization

POS Digicert and Nexus are pioneering a secure digital future in the region. Together, we are promoting the secure digitization of eGovernance across Asia. With an eye on the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferation, POS Digicert is eager to leverage Nexus' expertise on IoT and experience across various industry verticals such as energy, telecom, and manufacturing.

“POS Digicert's remarkable journey as the region’s premier CA and Trust center, combined with the unwavering support from Nexus, ensures that governments and businesses can navigate confidently with trust and security at the heart of this complex digital terrain,” concludes Tejas Lagad, Director at Nexus for Asia and Midde-east.





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