Personal mobile

How does the user protect the Personal Mobile credentials in the best way?

The user should have control over who is using the mobile phone or tablet and select a hard-to-guess pin code for Personal Mobile that is not revealed to others. Personal Mobile is a personal identity document and should be treated as such.

When users share a device, can they all use it to authenticate with Personal Mobile?

Yes, several users can use the same device to authenticate. Each user has his or her own profile, with different pin codes, fingerprints and services connected.

What happens if the user loses the pin code?

For security reasons, the pin code is not stored anywhere, so there is no way to get it back. Instead the user needs to reactivate the Personal Mobile profile for the connected services.

Which operating systems (OS) does Personal Mobile support?

Personal Mobile currently supports iOS 8.2 and later and Android 4.2 and later. From early 2017, Personal Mobile will also be available as a software development kit (SDK) to embed in third party applications.

How does the user register to use Personal Mobile?

The user registers to use Personal Mobile by following these simple steps:

1)     The Personal Mobile app is downloaded from App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

2)     An invitation sms or email is sent with an active link or a QR code.

3)     Personal Mobile is activated by clicking the link, or opening the app and scanning the QR code.

4)     The registration is finished!

Is fingerprint recognition on Android phones supported?

Personal Mobile does not support fingerprint recognition on Android devices, but it will in the near future.

What is Touch ID?

Touch ID is Apple’s technology for fingerprint recognition. Touch ID can be used instead of a pin code when authenticating with Personal Mobile to access online services.

Touch ID is supported by phones and tablets with iOS 9 or later.

What makes Personal Mobile so convenient?

For the end user, Personal Mobile is convenient because most people always have their mobile phones with them. Push notifications provide quick access and fingerprint authentication can be used as an alternative to a pin code.

How is Personal Mobile used to authenticate?

Authentication with Personal Mobile is done either by a pin code or fingerprint with Touch ID on iOS for a secure and seamless experience. Personal Mobile will soon also support fingerprint recognition on Android devices.

What is Nexus Personal Mobile?

Nexus Personal Mobile is a mobile app for online, out-of-band authentication. Personal Mobile makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easier, more cost-effective, and more usable, without the need for hardware tokens, cards, or readers.

Personal Mobile is used together with the Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway software, which provides user access to applications, information, and cloud services.