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How does Nexus PRIME support flexible workflow implementation?

Nexus PRIME comes with a series of preconfigured, best-practice standard modules for instant use. Each module contains workflows addressing common IAM use cases.
Standard modules:
• RFID Card Management
• PKI Token Management
• Physical Entitlement Management
• Server certificate Management
• Visitor Management
New use cases and workflows can also be designed within Nexus PRIME using Business Process Model Notation (BPMN), which is a widely used, standardized, formal, intuitive, and graphical notation for describing processes. The BPMN workflows can be executed directly within Nexus PRIME.

Does Nexus PRIME have self-service capabilities?

Nexus PRIME has a mobile-enabled self-service portal that helps you streamline business processes such as on-boarding and off-boarding of users.

Can I integrate Nexus Certificate Manager with Nexus PRIME?

Nexus PRIME has an out-of-the-box integration with Nexus Certificate Manager and other certificate authority (CA) softwares.

How can Nexus PRIME help me with transparency, traceability and compliance across units and locations when it comes to IAM?

Nexus PRIME provides a central system with best-practice workflows and enforces uniform policies in the management of identities, credentials and entitlements throughout their life cycle. Nexus PRIME enables one single overlaying reporting and auditing instance with correct and up-to-date information on who is in possession of which access credentials and entitlements at any given time.

How does Nexus PRIME integrate with Physical Access systems?

Managing the lifecycle of RFID cards is the first step in establishing a secure physical access environment. Managing the access profiles for multiple physical access control systems (PACS) is the next step. Nexus PRIME acts as an umbrella system for all PACS in different locations to provide one single management tool to assign and withdraw access and entitlements to certain areas. This means that you do not have to do administrative work in each individual PACS.

Is Nexus PRIME multi-tenant?

Nexus PRIME can host multiple client organizations in the same instance of the platform, with clean separation of policies and processes, and with separate groups of policy administrators.

What business problems does Nexus PRIME solve?

Employees normally need access credentials for both physical access to sites and buildings, and digital access to computers and servers. Identities are often created and managed in several separate systems. Nexus PRIME enables you to automate complex security processes for physical access, digital access and credential management. It also reduces operational costs by providing comprehensive self-service functionalities.

What is Nexus PRIME?

Nexus PRIME is a central solution for efficient, transparent and flexible

  • physical identity and access management
  • digital and physical credential management.

Nexus PRIME integrates to the IT environment of enterprises, as well as to existing access control systems. It is vendor-independent, since it supports several providers of RFID cards, PKI smart cards, multifunctional cards, card printers, and card middlewares.

Where can Citizen ID be used as proof of identity?

A Citizen ID can be used as proof of identity for a government, authorities, and companies. This means that it is a valid alternative to a traditional passport.

Who can order a Citizen ID?

The infrastructure that makes it possible to make Citizen IDs is ordered by a government, authority, or a company. The issuer decides also who or which persons should have the possibility of being allocated a Citizen ID.

What is a Citizen ID?

Citizen ID is an ID card that is used by citizens for secure electronic identification and signature, i.e. a service for governments, authorities, and companies that would like to digitize their services.

What is an employee ID?

An employee ID functions like a traditional ID, but is suitable for persons who do not wish to reveal, for example, their personal identity number, complete name, or place of residence during contact with citizens or customers.