Extend your Smart ID solution with certificate scanning

Nexus is happy to announce the partnership with information technology security company, Data-Warehouse (DWH), a provider of high-quality and world-class IT and data management systems.

The Nexus Smart ID solution for the management of trusted identities for workplaces and IoT can now easily be extended with advanced certificate scanning that helps prevent certificate-based security breaches and loss of service. Furthermore, providing an overview and risk assessment supporting compliance to e.g., ISO 27.001.

The Smart ID platform has been integrated with PCert, a best-in-class certificate scanning software from DWH that finds virtually all certificates and keys located in workplace and IoT devices. A combined solution can be provided as a service or deployed on-premise.

In addition to certificate scanning, the integration also enables the automated certificate renewal, replacement or even update of trust stores – not just locally, but basically everywhere – due to extensive protocol support including SSH, HTTPS, LDAP and more.

“DWH PCert is a fully-fledged certificate scanning and certificate replacement solution supporting all protocols required to reach out to various remote systems,” says Benjamin Springer, Presales Engineer and Consultant at Nexus. “The integration with Smart ID Certificate Manager and Smart ID Identity Manager also supports the utilization of BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation) to cover organizational processes, like approval, etc. The solutions integrate seamlessly and establish a fully automated certificate lifecycle management.”

“Many of our customers also request functionality for issuance and management of trusted identities based on a PKI. Therefore, we are thrilled to have this partnership with Nexus, who provides the market-leading solution for this,” says Dr. Alexander Löw, Founder and CEO at DWH. “This partnership will be valuable for both companies but also highly appreciated by our customers.”




About Data-Warehouse
Munich-based Data-Warehouse GmbH was established in 1987 (renamed in 1995) reflecting the experience of the founder Dr. Alexander Löw regarding holistic information management. The company has been successful in the SME- and major corporations market since the start and has customers worldwide. The broad product portfolio includes quality-assured information management, logistic-IT-Solutions, process optimization, software development, and holistic security strategy that are military-, air safety-, and industrial-proven.

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