Webinar: How Lomma leverages trusted identities for its workforce

In collaboration with SKR and Inera, Nexus will host a webinar with Lomma Municipality to discuss how digital identities help them secure their IT landscape. 

Enabling trust while adopting digital transformation is crucial for all organizations, but more so for public organizations that are responsible for the secure processing of citizens' information.

Attesting to their commitment toward trusted access to confidential information, Lomma Municipality deployed Nexus GO Workforce to issue and manage trusted identities for their employees. With this service, their employees can securely log into internal and external systems as well as use IT services from the region and the state. It also allows them to digitally sign documents with verifiable signatures. 

Want to know how exactly this is achieved? Join the webinar to hear Patrik Flensburg, IT and Digitization Manager at Lomma Municipality, and discover how a holistic view of IT security is the key to secure digital transformation. 

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- Patrik Flensburg, Lomma Municipality
- Stefan Runneberger, Nexus


Date: September 8, 2022
Time: 10:30 to 11:45
Registration deadline: September 7, 2022

Note: The webinar will be hosted in Swedish