Webinar: How to secure your IoT devices to shape a secure tomorrow

Trusted identities are the very foundation of a secure IoT deployment. With millions of things connected to the Internet and upcoming security regulations and standards such as IEC 62443 and ETSI EN 303 645, there has never been a greater need for IoT security. The challenge is how to address security, privacy and safety, and where to get started. 

In collaboration with our cybersecurity partner Nixu, Nexus will host a webinar to discuss how your business can ensure that the connected things you produce are provisioned with a trusted identity. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) platforms offer a highly scalable option to issue and automate the management of trusted identities and enable secure IoT.

Join the webinar to learn:  

  • How trusted device identity enables secure IoT communication 
  • How to issue birth certificates enabling a reliable device identity for your connected things 
  • About different IoT device lifecycle and supply chain scenarios  
  • How zero-touch provisioning simplifies the connection to the cloud of the IoT device  
  • The difference between the Factory CA and Lifecycle CA 
  • How PKI manages a full range of devices from battery-powered sensors to self-driving cars 
  • How PKI establishes a certified root of trust for the security of the entire IoT ecosystem 

Let's create a secure tomorrow together! Watch the recording of the webinar below

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Pär Torstensson has extensive experience from the security software industry in the global market. Today he is leading the product development of Nexus IoT security solutions. 

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Bréon McCartney
 has had a long career in helping build secure applications, systems, and devices. He is currently Lead Consultant in Nixu Cybersecurity’s IoT and Product Security Business Unit.