Do you really know who you are employing?

There's a new trend that is getting more and more common. Companies are having a difficult time knowing for sure, who they have actually employed. How do you secure the identity of a person you want to hire when the number of false IDs is increasing and forged documents are improving and almost impossible to discover?

What can happen and what are the risks for not only a company but also for the CEO and the HR manager?

Together with ServiceNow and Keesing Technology, Nexus invites you to an interesting webinar for anyone that is involved in the hiring of new staff.

Some topics that will be discussed:

  • Concrete challenges and examples from HR staff and others recruiting 
  • Has Covid-19 travel restrictions affected the situation
  • Difficulties in checking identity and an identity document
  • What questions should be asked during the recruitment process
  • How to secure and automate the process   

The webinar is free of charge and the number of attendees is limited, so make sure you reserve a place and register today!

Date: June 22, 2021

Time: 10.00-11.00am


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