Webinar: Digitize document signing with Nexus

Even with an increasingly modern and mobile workforce, most enterprises still need to rely on traditional wet signatures for document signing.

• Is capturing document signatures a critical part of your customer’s business processes?

• Are your customers using their investment in Document and Content Management Systems to store document files only to then print those documents out for physical signatures?

• Are your customers lacking visibility into knowing which documents are waiting to be signed?

• Are your customers paying people to collect your incoming mail, sort through it for signed documents and scan them into Document and Content Management Systems, then hoping that they’ll magically get reconnected with the original?

• Are your customers shying away from digital signatures because they don’t want to issue cumbersome smartcards or USB tokens to staff?

The Nexus Enterprise Sign solves these problems and can be effectively used in multiple scenarios where signed documents need to be submitted by internal and external stakeholders.

Date: April 27, 2020

Time: 2:55 PM to 4:00 PM IST

Location: Online