Industry Insights:
Enabling trust for IoT devices

December 7, 2023 | 10.00 AM CET | Language: German

The world of IoT, IIoT, and industrial automation is a place of immense possibility fueled by the power of connectivity. This web of devices, including sensors and actuators, makes things like predictive maintenance and fleet management possible. However, this potential comes with a significant challenge - the increased risk of cyber threats.

So, how can connected device manufacturers ensure the security of their devices once they are active in the field?

The zero trust model is the solution to this challenge. By prioritizing identity-centric security, organizations can ensure true end-to-end security by enabling trusted identities for people, devices, and networks.

In our webinar, Dr. Tamás Horváth, PKI expert at Nexus, will help us examine PKI’s role in providing a solid foundation for a robust framework to create, manage, and ensure the authenticity of these identities. For example, establishing a Factory Certificate Authority (CA) allows manufacturers to assign “birth certificates” or initial Device IDs to devices during the manufacturing stage in a controlled environment. This birth certificate can be used for trusted verification throughout the device’s lifetime.

Industry leaders like STIHL, a German manufacturer of lawnmowers and other handheld power equipment, have already adopted this approach to secure their internet-enabled iMow lawnmower robots.

Hear from Mr. Heiko Bromberger, Cloud Architect at STIHL, on how they leverage PKI-based identities with a Factory Certificate Authority.

Discussion points

  • An overview of typical IoT threats and the corresponding security goals
  • Security regulations and compliance requirements for the industry, such as the EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)
  • What is zero-trust security and how can PKI help achieve it
  • Why device identity provisioning must be done during production
  • Case study showcase: how STIHL secures iMow lawnmower robots in using Factory CA


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