Mastering NIS2 Compliance: Leveraging PKI and Digital Identity Solutions

Monday, November 13th, 1 PM CET, Online

Is your organization affected and prepared to comply with NIS2? Are you ready to embrace the future of cybersecurity? Join our webinar as we delve deep into NIS2 (Next-Generation Network and Information Systems Directive) and discover how trusted digital identities, supported by state-of-the-art PKI technology and secure authentication methods, can empower your organization to achieve and maintain compliance with the new directive.

Our experts will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding NIS2 and its impact on cybersecurity: Gain insights into the essentials of NIS2, if your organization is affected, the associated legal requirements and timeline, and its implications for cybersecurity.
  •  Unlocking the power of PKI for information protection: Explore how Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) can safeguard information and privacy for people, devices and servers.
  •  Digital identities in the digital age: Discover the advantages of eIDAS-compliant workforce identities and efficient identity management, including Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  •  Synergies and interplays: Explore how NIS2, PKI, and digital identity solutions work together to create a secure digital ecosystem.

The webinar is a must-attend for:

  • IT and Security Professionals
  • Compliance Officers
  • Business Owners and Decision Makers
  • Anyone interested in cybersecurity and digital identities
Our featured speakers

Mille Bessö has over 20 years of experience in leading software- and product organizations across different markets. Today he is leading the product development of Nexus Workforce Identity solutions.

Jules Chancel brings extensive legal experience with a specialty in IT law. At Nexus, he serves as the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Legal Counsel.

Michael Leuchtner has had a long career with Global PKI and TLS/SSL providers that stretches over 20 years in helping organizations deploy, implement, and distribute digital trust solutions. He is currently a Senior Solution Architect at Nexus and IN Groupe.


Watch the recording of the webinar below:

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