Visit Nexus and IN Groupe at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) 2021!

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is the leading European event on Cybersecurity. The event is a central location for the cybersecurity ecosystem to present the latest solutions, networking, industry reflections and exchange of ideas and best practices.

Stop by Booth #E1 to learn how IN Groupe and Nexus enable organizations to secure their operations by enabling trusted identities. Our teams will be on hand to discuss trusted identities for the workforce, workplace devices, IoT, as well as trusted legal and professional identities.

If you're attending the event, be sure to also attend sessions we will be taking part in:

ID Forum - Roundtable

Speaker: Olivier Dussutour, CEO, Nexus
Session: Alternative identity models (decentralized, behavioral)?
As the digital economy and society progress, several new identity models are now emerging and being explored. This roundtable examines in particular identity models decentralized on the blockchain (SSI, DID, VC). How do the so-called self-sovereign identity and verifiable attributes work? For which uses? What are the constraints and potentials? What are the feedback and developments in progress? Is there an adoption model for these recently deployed technologies? What are the prospects?
Date: Thursday, September 9th
Time: 11:00 - 12:30

FIC Conference - Workshop

Speaker: Fréderic Laporte, Product & Marketing Director, IN Groupe
Session: Work organizations in crisis time, manage Identities and access in a secured and agile way
The current crisis has forced many companies to adapt their Workforce and Workplace organization in a very short time. The forced home office as well as the need for business continuity has led to the rapid implementation of remote work tools. These tools are intended to remain in place and expand. Having a centralized and agile solution for the deployment of secure identities is vital today. During this workshop, we will present how the Nexus Smart ID platform allows you to deploy all identity media for multiple use cases.
Date: Thursday, September 9th
Time: 11:30 - 12:15

Let's discuss trusted digital identities September 7 - 9, 2021!

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