Unveil the future of Identity Management!

Managing secure corporate identities is often a massive undertaking for most organizations that involves complex systems, siloed processes, and manual efforts. 

If you are facing these challenges too, meet us at it-sa to experience seamless management of PKI-based identities for your employees, IT devices, and applications with IDaaS. 



As organizations are looking for smart solutions to protect themselves against cyberattacks and achieve zero-trust security, trusted identity management is one key challenge they face.

What can you do with trusted identities for corporate users, devices, and things?


Issue Mobile IDs on phones & laptops
Identify employees and visitors visually
Manage access to corporate facilities
Secure logon to Windows devices
Enable passwordless login digital resources
Sign and encrypt emails
Digitally sign documents
Secure identification of & communication with IT devices
Certificate management for MDM 

A security strategy centered on strong, verifiable identities empowers organizations achieve the zero-trust security model. But with so many available options, how do you opt for the right solution for your organization?

Join our teams at it-sa as they take you through case-studies, demos, and insightful discussions on why embracing Identities-as-a-Service is a step in the right direction toward adopting a future-proof, highly scalable, and flexible identity management.


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Nexus GO services 

Take away the stress and hassle of managing corporate identities!
Nexus GO empowers organizations to quickly deploy a secure and scalable service for the complete lifecycle management of all corporate identities.


We develop: You will benefit from always using the most up-to-date software as well as common criteria certified software to issue digital identities.

We install and configure: We will set up and configure the solution and also ensure that your integrations are done

We operate: Our expert team ensures that your solution is kept secure, available and reliable over time

You use: Your registration officers will use the administration interface and your end-users will use the self-service portal. Both tools are easy to use and reliable.


One service for all use cases

With Nexus GO you can get started with a ready-to-use identity service that can be extended to address all enterprise use cases

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