CAEV Expo 2023

Secure the future of connected vehicles

CAEV Expo is a focused platform to discuss the trends reshaping the automotive and transportation industry.

Join us to discuss the emergence of connected, autonomous and electric vehicle technology in the horizon of Indian automotive industry and our ambition to secure the future of the automotive industry through a reliable PKI infrastructure for V2X.

April 13 and 14 | KTPO Bengaluru

Booth ZB 55

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Since the automotive industry is undergoing massive disruption and it relies on a constant transmission of data, the risks in automotive cybersecurity have become quite substantial and the security complexities make the challenges even more prominent. 

Leading automotive organizations trust Nexus Smart ID, as we secure V2X communication of connected vehicles by enabling authenticity, integrity, and privacy by making it viable life-saving technology.

With Nexus IoT PKI platform, automobile organizations issue and manage electronic identities for people and things by securing the communication with and between connected vehicles by using a high-scale, high-performance PKI system to issue trusted identities.

Explore Nexus Iot solution  for connected vehicles

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Benefits of an interoperable Plug&Charge ecosystem - a success story!
April 13, at 09:30  by Jens Dinger, Digital Automotive IoT Expert

Securing Software-Defined Vehicles in the Age of Hyper-Connected World
April 14, at 13.30 by Tejas Lagad, Director APAC


Meet us at the booth if you want to know more about Nexus innovation, and our ambition to secure the future of the automotive industry through a reliable PKI infrastructure for V2X.



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