Encrypt emails to further improve information security

More and more organizations have a need for a smooth solution to secure emails. Managing the full lifecycle and securing the distribution of certificates for email encryption and signature is starting to be critical.

Use a secure method to send digitally signed and encrypted messages

One of the most widely accepted methods for sending digitally signed and encrypted messages, is S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). With S/MIME, you can collaborate securely using email. This helps the receiver of the message to be certain that what they see in their inbox is the exact message that was sent. It allows everyone in the workforce to be sure that the message came from the specific sender and not from someone pretending to be the sender. And finally, it enables the sender and receiver to communicate in a secure and encrypted way. Only the receiver can decrypt the message.

S/MIME provides PKI security inherent functions such as authentication, message integrity, and non-repudiation of origin. It furthermore helps enhance privacy and data security (using encryption) for electronic messaging.

Go digital with a secure and smooth app

No matter if you use your mobile device, your smart card or a virtual smart card on your laptop, you can take advantage of sending and receiving secure email messages.

With Nexus Smart ID solution, you can let your employees or external users authenticate, sign or encrypt with a virtual smart card, that is managed via Nexus Personal Desktop App – a part of the Nexus Smart ID solution.

Nexus Personal Mobile is a mobile app for multifactor authentication. It creates digital smart cards and enables secure distribution and use of certificates on the mobile device itself or OOB (out-of-band). The solution is a part of the Nexus Smart ID platform and it is integrated into the Nexus Smart ID lifecycle management system. User groups can be set-up and self-service allows cost effective provisioning.

For end-users, the only process required is the end-user enrolment. It is an extension of the standard and best practice use cases available in the Nexus Smart ID solution. As an example, you can see how certificates are transferred to an Android device without any Mobile Device Management (MDM) system (e.g. MobileIron, Air-Watch or Microsoft Intune). If an MDM system is in place, the process is even smoother.

Use the same solution independent of device

Today it is smooth to use email encryption even for a large organization either via Smart Card, a Yubico device or a mobile device. With the Nexus Smart ID solution, you can secure all parts of your organization that is in need for further information security protection.

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