New release enable advanced signatures in the cloud with existing corporate identities

By combining the signing service Nexus GO PDF Signing and authentication platform Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG), organizations can now allow users to digitally sign documents using any type of existing identities. The solution enables organizations to easily implement digital signatures already today with multiple methods, spanning from OTP tokens and username/password to smart cards and mobile IDs.

Connect existing identities to Nexus signing service

Organizations that want to adopt digital signing, can now connect Nexus GO PDF Signing with existing identities through SAML federation to an identity provider (IDP), such as Nexus’ authentication platform Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). For example, with Azure AD, end users get single sign-on to the service using Azure AD credentials and built-in security features. The identity provider connection is easily set up in Nexus GO and the service can be up and running in only a few hours.

“Many organizations ask for how to reuse their existing identities to let users sign documents. Now we can offer it to them, making the arguments even stronger to digitalize document signing,” says Gustaf Broman, head of digital services at identity and security company Nexus Group.

Better overview for signers

The signing portal is updated to give signers a better overview of current and previous signing requests, which is especially helpful for frequent signers. Signed documents can be downloaded directly in the portal.

A new wizard also makes it easier for administrators to upload documents and create requests for persons to sign them. Different signing methods can be required of different signers, for example when a citizen and a government officer shall sign the same document.

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Support for multiple mobile OTP apps

With the new release of Hybrid Access Gateway, which is part of Nexus Smart ID Digital Access, any OATH-compliant mobile OTP app can be used to log in, for example OTP, Google authenticator and Microsoft authenticator.

“Companies can now get rid of the hassle to administrate hardware OTP tokens and users do not need to carry them around. Software OTP tokens on the mobile phone are much more convenient. And the self-service capabilities make it easy for users to register and save time for administrators,” says Benjamin Zeuner, product owner of Nexus’s authentication platform HAG.

Log in with Personal Mobile certificate

Another new strong and user-friendly authentication method is a certificate-based mobile ID using Personal Mobile. User names no longer need to be managed in HAG, but the certificate alone is enough for authentication.

Many possible use cases are enabled. For example, when users share a device, they can get a certificate with short validity, so that login is only possible in a certain time frame.

“Supporting certificate-based profiles in Personal Mobile is a natural step in developing the Nexus Smart ID concept, combining our products and services to one complete solution for trusted identities for people, businesses, and things,” says Benjamin Zeuner.

To get started with the Nexus GO PDF Signing service already today, register in Nexus GO for a free trial.