Why organizations need trusted digital identities to succeed in the new normal

The last year has proved that many organizations are ill-prepared for digital work environments. 2021 will see an increase in digital transformation strategies in order to successfully do business in society’s new digital normal.

As more companies continue moving their operations remotely, it’s important to ensure the right levels of security and access to corporate resources for your teams are in place without the complexity of distributing hardware security tokens. This has increased pressure for many IT and Security teams as they don’t have the right technologies in place.

Organizations that enable trusted digital identities enable their workforce to not be interrupted by moving away from the office. Users can use strong authentication measures to access corporate resources, join meetings and training, sign documents and much more. Digital identities ensure the authenticity and trustworthiness of employees, visitors and even workplace devices. This ensures a secure zero-trust environment and heightened protection from cyber threats such as ransomware and information theft, even when everyone is working outside of the traditional office.

Nexus Smart ID enables corporates and public institutions to issue, manage and use trusted digital identities through proven public key infrastructure technology. Nexus Smart ID places the user in the center which helps them to overcome the burden of username and password while simultaneously increasing security through strong authentication.

As everyday business continues to transform into fully digital operations, Nexus helps to make the transition from controlled corporate environments to secure mobile workstations, easy and smooth.

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Smart ID Digital access management provides several methods for multifactor authentication, authorization of users by access rules and an access portal to collect all available resources. Identity federation and single sign-on (SSO) enable users to log in once to get access to multiple applications and systems.

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