Video: Watch the Nexus Smart ID Spring 2021 release


Welcome to the Smart ID Spring 2021 release video! We really hope and have our fingers crossed that the pandemic situation will improve by the next recording and that this will be the last remote (Teams) recording with a lower quality.

In this release, we are showing a number of detailed demos of our brand-new version of our “cards as a service platform”, Nexus GO Cards. We are as well exploring some specific trends and tools with regards to the card design. In addition to this, you can learn about some cool and very useful new features around certificate management and some specific updates from the latest Smart ID release.  

Learn more through the video and see all the demos, happy watching!

The three main topics in the video are listed below and a detailed agenda with direct links to the specific section can be found to the right.

  • Nexus GO Cards 2.0
  • Improvements in certificate management
  • Smart ID 21.04 update

Watch the Nexus Smart ID Spring 2021 release video:




Direct links to video sections


00:14 Introduction & Agenda

01:40 Introduction to Nexus GO Cards 2.0

4:58 Demo – The new service

8:58 Demo – An order flow

13:15 Demo – Advanced card layouts

15:30 Certificate format configuration incl demo

16:59 Bulk Policy Signatures incl demo

18:25 Import and export of configurations

20:05 Smart ID 21.04 update

20:20 Creation of VSC on TPM without admin privileges on client side

21:12 Support for Idemia Cosmo 7.0 & 7.2 cards

21:35 Support for smart card encoding using NetID middleware


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