Nexus enables Audkenni to issue next generation qualified digital identities in Iceland

Audkenni, the main trust service provider in Iceland, has selected the Smart ID Certificate Manager to enable its qualified electronic certificate services. With a focus on CA services, Audkenni supports individuals and organizations with diverse solutions providing solutions around trusted digital identities, secure authentication and digital signatures.

As a long-time Nexus customer, already using Nexus client software, Audkenni has now implemented the Smart ID Certificate Manager, enabling a compliant and future-proof solution. Smart ID Certificate Manager enables qualified certificates for eSignatures and Timestamping through a flexible, scalable and high-security certificate authority (CA) software. Nexus’ Smart ID platform is a proven solution amongst Trust Service Providers.

As the only locally operating trust service provider issuing qualified certificates in the country, Audkenni has issued eIDs to the majority of the Icelandic population. These eIDs can be used in many online services in Iceland, including banks and various governmental services.

Online banking and government services have been key drivers in electronic ID usage, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. PKI-based eID schemes, such as those provided by Audkenni, are seeing rapid growth, and Nexus is proud to be a part of the solution.

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About Audkenni
Auðkenni was founded in September 2000 to meet growing demands from financial and telecommunications companies regarding increased security in electronic commerce. The company offers individuals and organizations diverse solutions that provide security in electronic communications and build trust in business. Audkenni's security solutions are at the same time, Icelandic solutions, developed by the company and international solutions tailored to Icelandic markets. 

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