Malmö University offers smoother onboarding for students with self-service and outsourcing

Universities have a clear challenge at the beginning of each term when many students arrive on campus more or less on the same day needing a student ID. Historically for students, it has been a time-consuming and mundane part of the first day on campus to stand in line, take pictures, and wait to get a personalized card.

Malmö University has decided to make a big change for its students and for the workload of administrators. They have selected Nexus GO Cards for the ordering and printing of the next generation of student identity cards. Moving away from data capturing and producing cards locally, the university has now integrated its student portal with GO Cards using the GO Cards API. This enables the students to order their ID card, upload an image and directly send this information to Nexus for printing. Nexus will then ship the cards directly to the student.

For Nexus GO Cards users, system integration enables information to be managed in one central system. Information can be uploaded and validated within internal systems then passed to the GO Cards portal to manage the creation of the physical card.

Nexus will produce around 6 000 cards per year for students, employees and contractors of Malmö University.


About Malmö University
Malmö University is a Swedish university located in Malmö, Sweden. With more than 24,000 students and about 1,600 employees, Malmö University is the ninth largest institute of learning in Sweden. Malmö University is characterised by global engagement, community involvement, and a multidisciplinary, challenge-based approach to education, research and collaboration.

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