Create trust for your organization by automating Microsoft Intune Certificate Enrollment 


Nexus Smart ID - Certificate Manager is a European-developed certificate authority that natively supports integration with Microsoft Intune. Smart ID lets you simplify and automate the full lifecycle management of your workplace device identities, by taking advantage of ready-to-use workflows, automation, and self-service functionality.

You can automate enterprise certificate provisioning for both domain endpoints, such as machines and servers, and non-domain endpoints, such as DevOps servers, mobile devices and networking devices. It supports enterprise IT to manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their internal and external PKI-based certificates.



As opposed to proprietary solutions, Nexus embraces open standards. And as part of our product strategy and vision, Nexus Smart ID - Certificate Manager is now on Microsoft’s official list of supported third-party certificate authority partners.

Nexus offers a range of solutions in the field of trusted identities. Whether issuing trusted identities for people (Workforce) or devices (Workplace), the Smart ID platform can support your organization's needs.

Choose how you deploy

Nexus enables organizations to deploy either as a service with our GO services or on-premises with the Smart ID solution. Nexus GO enables organizations with no knowledge, dedicated staff, systems, or resources to set up and quickly deploy identity management services. The Smart ID solution can be deployed on-premises where your organization has the infrastructure and Nexus deploys the software with integration.

Read further (on desktop browser) to learn more on how to practically configure Smart ID – Certificate Manager with Microsoft Intune here. For mobile users, read the PDF version here.


More Information
Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) is a flexible, scalable, and high-security certificate authority (CA) software. Certificate Manager supports a wide range of certificate enrollment protocols, which enables you to issue, manage, and validate certificate-based electronic identities (eIDs) for people, infrastructure, software and devices. The component can be used for customized operations on-premises or in a hosted environment. Core certificate authority (CA) functionality is separated from remote administrative clients.

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