An open letter from Magnus Malmström: Time to join forces with IN Groupe

Stockholm - Tuesday 04 February 2020

Today is an exciting day - for me and for all of us at Nexus. IN Groupe has entered an agreement to acquire Nexus. 

Together with the management team, the board members and all our 300 amazing employees, I am proud to say that we have really built something unique and we make a difference every day to secure the society. Since I took on the role to lead Nexus in 2018, we’ve worked really focused to become what we are today – a European leader in enabling trusted identities for people and things for major enterprises and the public sector.

The relevance for Nexus’ products and services is more eminent than ever. The world is evolving rapidly, and we now live in a polarized climate with a growing need for cyber security to comply with regulations, and to avoid the growing risk of criminals and espionage. In fact, the entire digital economy faces risks with daily pressure on our democracy, critical infrastructure and assets.

We follow a strong trend towards increased technology sophistication in the security business, and our customers look for automation, governance, mobility and usability. In short, security that people want to use. In addition, our customers want Nexus’ strengths in quality, privacy, information security and a solid financial outlook. To realize our full capability when we look ahead, we envision to strengthen our set-up. It is important to foster our position as an instrumental partner to large organisations and preferably from a European Union foundation.

The relationship with IN Groupe is not a new one. In fact, we’ve talked about different ways of working together for a long time. But this time, it very quickly turned into a dynamic discussion on how we could benefit from joining forces. And we both realized the great opportunity in doing just that. Teaming up with another company is not always easy. But during our discussions with Didier Trutt, Chairman and CEO of IN Groupe, and his team, it has become obvious that we share the same belief in the power of a strong European security company when it comes to enabling trusted identities in the future. Enterprises, public states and government organisations already trust the both of us.

The two companies have complementary product offerings and geographies. IN Groupe values Nexus’ capabilities and talent very highly and together, we will be an even stronger partner to our existing customers while increasing our reach for European best-in-class security technology on a global basis. We at Nexus will continue as the centre of excellence within IN Groupe when it comes to identity solutions for the workforce and workplace, as well as identities for IoT.

Together, we will accelerate progress, and starting today, increase relevance in terms of business value, presence, technology coverage and best-practice processes. The integration of these new digital identity solutions from Nexus will enable the group to provide clients in France, the Nordics, Germany, Europe and globally a consolidated portfolio of differentiated offers, based on cutting-edge technologies.

For Nexus, the acquisition means we’ll be joining IN Groupe, an international global identity specialist providing everything from secure components to services and from documents to interoperable systems. They are a partner to 28 governments, meaning their solutions are integrating market-leading technologies in almost 100 countries around the world. Through this acquisition we’ll become an enhanced Nexus and jump on a fast track to realize our vision to secure the society. The opportunity to become part of IN Groupe, and its cutting-edge secure identity and digital services solutions integrating electronics and biometrics, was a great opportunity which we couldn’t pass up. That’s why we’re so excited to join IN Groupe. The acquisition will add a broader, complementary product portfolio to Nexus which will help our clients further succeed in both the physical and digital identity space and introduce the differentiated services for states, governments and corporate customers with IN Groupe’s leading technologies to Nexus’ client and partner base. This ultimately helps us to continue to be transparent, relevant and innovative, although as a member of a stronger family. We’ll continue pursuing our mission of enabling trusted identities, and our talented people, teams and culture will remain our key strengths.

I am thrilled to continue our important journey with IN Groupe as a European global identity leader dedicated to the transition from physical to digital identity.

Magnus Malmström

Managing Director, Nexus


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