Coffee Talk Series: Trusted Identities

Listen on-demand to a series of open discussions around various Identity-related topics.

Whether you have questions around workforce, government or IoT-based identities, there is a session that covers your interests. During this series, you will hear more about how hardware security modules add another layer of security to the Smart ID solution for the workforce and IoT.

Coffee Talk: Identity management within dynamic environments

We read about identity theft and the connected loss for corporates or individuals daily. As a company, you are responsible to issue and manage trusted identities ensuring the right people access the right resources. This applies to both the physical and digital worlds. To issue trusted identities you should rely on a proven technology based on the latest market security standard. By using certificate-based identities different levels of assurance can be implemented in one solution. 

In this talk we will discuss: 

  • how to issue and manage digital identities for governments and corporates
  • how to enable digital identities for authenticity and integrity
  • how to protect digital identities with an HSM 


Coffee Talk: Trust Talk about IoT

Internet of Things is increasingly adopted in all sorts of applications, making them smarter and better. This includes connected cars, advanced metering infrastructure, medical systems and many more.
Unfortunately, we read about IoT cybersecurity breaches on almost a daily basis these days, some with limited effects, but others with very severe consequences. PKI is a cornerstone and the foundation for trusted and secure communication in an IoT application. The HSM plays an important role in generating and securely storing CA keys in any PKI application, but there are also some HSM IoT specific aspects.

In this talk we will discuss:

  • how PKI can help to secure an IoT application
  • why do you need HW-based security?
  • can IoT applications drive specific requirements on the HSM?
  • is there HSM utilization in IoT outside the traditional use of an HSM?
  • how can the CA and HSM aid IoT device onboard key generation performance challenges
  • are there use cases where combining PKI and symmetric key management is applicable?


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