Celebrating two years – PAS Card becomes Nexus

Stockholm, Oct 13, 2014: Two years after the merger of the two companies, PAS Card is now changing its name to Nexus. During this period the companies have jointly packaged unique offerings that combine physical and digital access. A few months ago they moved together into the group’s new joint headquarters in Stockholm.

“Nexus’ expertise in digital access combined with PAS Card’s expertise in physical access have provided a basis for a unique offering in the market, and the merger has satisfied all our expectations. As we now work closely together, are based in the same building and meet customers together, it is only natural for us to share the same name,” says Peter Gille, CEO of Nexus.

Other than greater uniformity, the new name involves no practical changes for existing PAS Card customers. Customers will continue to be able to choose from the full range of products and services that they are used to finding at the company.

“Former PAS Card customers have been very positive about our becoming part of Nexus, and many have taken advantage of our new integrated offering,” says Freddie Parrman, CEO of Nexus Nordic.

Next step on the journey

With an integrated offering, new premises and a shared name, Nexus is continuing its journey towards becoming a world leader in physical and digital access. And successes have followed in the wake of the merger, both as regards new integrated solutions and contracts won.

“The successes are proof that we are developing something unique, and enable us to strengthen our presence both in Sweden and in other markets,” says Peter Gille.