Why Samhall renewed with Nexus for 10,000 workforce IDs

More than 10,000 of Samhall’s 25,000 employees have workforce ID cards, and they are all bought as-a-service from identity and security company Nexus Group. “We selected Nexus again since they are quick and reliable, and take care of our business needs in an outstanding way,” says Per-Eric Sjöwall Ivansson, head of security at Samhall.

Samhall is owned by the Swedish state, and the company’s core mission is to create work that furthers the development of people with functional impairment by matching the right person with the right job. Samhall offers everything from cleaning and janitorial services to production of various goods.

“We don’t need to issue corporate ID cards to all of our employees; for example, some are working in other companies’ environments. But we issue workforce IDs to nearly half of our employees,” says Sjöwall Ivansson.

Mainly ID06 and ServiceID cards

The workforce IDs that Samhall uses are of two main types: the Swedish construction industry’s official ID, called ID06, and the Swedish cleaning industry’s ID, called ServiceID.

“The ID06 cards are mandatory for employees that are entering construction sites to clean and do other tasks. ServiceID cards are not mandatory, but they show that we are an established and reliable player within cleaning services,” says Sjöwall Ivansson.

Samhall pleased with the Nexus service

Samhall has used the Nexus service for ready-to-use cards for seven years. When the contract recently ended, Samhall did a thorough evaluation of which supplier to use going forward.

“We chose to continue with Nexus since we are very pleased with their service: both with the workforce ID service as such, and how service-minded the Nexus employees are. We always get super-fast feedback and help when we need it. We have a dedicated contact person at Nexus, the key account manager Tobias Eng, and he’s amazing. The Nexus support team is also terrific – we need them to get back to us straight away, and they always do,” says Sjöwall Ivansson.

Other suppliers did not impress

Samhall made test calls to other suppliers’ support teams, and was not impressed, says Sjöwall Ivansson.

“I can sincerely recommend the Nexus card service. Nexus is a supplier you really can rely on,” he says.

On a big digitization journey

The ID06 cards are used for physical access to construction sites and visual identification, and the SerivceIDs are used for visual identification.

“We might start using more of the workforce IDs’ functionality going forward, such as the ability to login securely to digital resources. Samhall is in the middle of a big digitization journey,” says Sjöwall Ivansson.

Ordering card holders and yo-yos

All card orders are made in the Nexus GO Cards portal by Samhall’s security administration, consisting of three people.

“We also order card accessories from Nexus: card holders, yo-yos, clips, and everything else we need to accompany the workforce ID cards. These orders are made via our intranet by our 600 local managers – they know what card accessories their employees need,” says Sjöwall Ivansson.

Nexus covers all workforce ID needs

Samhall also uses a small number of workforce ID cards of the type PraktikantID.

“Previously, we ordered these from another supplier. But we want one single supplier for all our workforce IDs and accessories, so we switched to Nexus for this type of ID too. We appreciate that Nexus can cover all our workforce ID needs,” says Sjöwall Ivansson.

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