Digital agency Esatto implemented 2FA with BankID in record time at insurance company Moderna

With a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution from Nexus, it took two hours for Esatto to implement authentication with BankID at the insurance company Moderna. The customer wanted a SaaS solution and did not want to install anything locally, so Nexus cloud solution for BankID was chosen. “Normally it takes at least a week, but in this case it took two hours to set up the service in a protected test environment. Nexus has a number of services that are very attractive when you work with advanced solutions. In this case we could use real BankID certificates for free,” says Björn Sundqvist, CEO of Esatto.

The digital agency Esatto was chosen to update Moderna’s customer portal “My Pages”. The insurance company wanted all their customers to be able to log in quickly and safely to get information about their insurances. Esatto recommended a cloud solution for BankID from Nexus.

“Moderna´s goal was to create an ecosystem for easy, fast, and cost-effective customer interaction. Nexus has SaaS solutions for both authentication and signing services. The signing service will be required when in the future insurance customers will sign new insurance contracts in the customer portal,” says Björn Sundqvist.

Upsell and efficiency through personalization

The customer portal is an essential part of Moderna’s digital presence and therefore it is important to protect. BankID is the preferred authentication and signing method in Sweden. Since Nexus supports their customer’s in meeting the requirements of the GDPR (the European General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect on May 25, 2018), BankID through Nexus GO became the obvious choice.

“We believe that BankID is the most reliable way to authenticate identity in Sweden right now. Partly because all major banks are behind the solution and partly because almost all Swedes use BankID”, says Johan Walldov, CTO for Modern Insurances.

Personalizing content to increase sales has been an important goal of upgrading the customer portal. Another equally important component is streamlining and automating parts of the customer interaction through digitization. In this efficiency project, both authentication and signing services will be used, which also influenced the choice of Nexus as the supplier.

“Nexus SaaS solution for BankID is simple, quick to implement, and cost-effective, so we are very pleased with it. Another important part of the decision was that Nexus provided additional services. We wanted to grow our business by using multiple services, such as signing insurance agreements and terms. In order to do this effectively, we want to use the same supplier, “says Johan Walldov.

Moderna handles everything through the self-service portal

Nexus has a ready-made standard solution, where Esatto can avoid a long and expensive implementation. Most suppliers have solutions that require large installations. The Nexus self-service portal, Nexus GO, allows you to easily register a new customer and implement services.

“It must be simple. When we tested the Nexus SaaS solution for BankID, we received a number of test logins with valid BankID certificates. The implementation was completed in no time and now the customer manages the self-service portal, where they can see all their transactions and purchase additional services such as signing, to allow customers to make electronic signatures, “says René Voigt, technical expert at Esatto.

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