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Skanska selected Nexus to replace 10,000 corporate identities | Nexus Group

Skanska selected Nexus to replace 10,000 corporate identities

In the spring of 2019, the Swedish construction industry’s official ID (ID06) will be replaced by a more secure standard that is eIDAS compliant. “We had a competitive tender and selected Nexus since we need a supplier that we know can deliver according to our wishes both during the rollout of the new identities and in the future – and that also offers good prices,” says Eva Janving, development manager at Skanska Sweden.

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Car2X | Nexus Group

How a leading automaker uses the Nexus PKI platform to protect Car2X communication

One of the largest automakers in the world has opted for identity and security company Nexus Group’s public key infrastructure (PKI) platform to protect car-to-everything (Car2X) communication. “This is a great endorsement of the reliability, security and high performance of our standards-based PKI platform. It is also yet a confirmation of our ability to implement and manage a large-scale, business-critical PKI system,” says Magnus Malmström, vice president with responsibility for Product & Delivery at Nexus.

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Pernilla Möller | Nexus Group

Atea selects “Cards as a Service” from Nexus

Atea, the IT infrastructure specialist, has recently centralized its responsibility for all offices and introduced a new access card for all employees via the Nexus online portal. “The introduction of GDPR has been the trigger and accelerator for us to automate the process of employee access. We have decided that all offices with more than 50 employees will use Nexus´s cards or other identity tokens for access”, says Pernilla Möller, Facility Manager at Atea.

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Toumo Linjala Fortum

Fortum selects Nexus´s cards and readers for secure access

Motivated by recent expansion and a new corporate design, the energy company Form has decided to invest in new safer technology for access cards and card readers. “We needed a uniform identity card for the entire group, so that every employee can visually show that they work at Fortum. As a big group, with high standards of security and growth, we were prepared to take a holistic approach to physical security, and thus chose Nexus Group as a global supplier, “says Tuomo Linjala, Group Security Manager at Fortum.

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A nation-wide PKI planned with a national root Certificate Authority at Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA)

The governmental organisation Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) aims at promoting the growth of eCommerce and eGovernance through the wide use of digital signatures in India. To enable the mutual recognition of digital signatures among various organisations in industry and government, a nation-wide PKI has been planned with a national root Certificate Authority at CCA.

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SFA: Nexus’s authentication software lets us stop using VPN

The French company SFA Group is using the authentication software Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway to give its employees secure and smooth access to internal applications – wherever the employees are, and on whatever device. “Hybrid Access Gateway offers single sign-on, and doesn’t require installations on the clients. It’s a much better solution than VPN, for both the user and the IT department,” says Frédéric Carricaburu, CIO of SFA.

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