Building a secure tomorrow with trusted identities

Olivier Dussutour, Nexus CEO, writes on identity-first security


A lot has changed over the last couple of years. In what can only be dubbed as a radical disruption in the way businesses conducted their daily operations, almost all organizations moved toward remote working to varying degrees. Add to this the intensifying adoption of IoT, and you have a completely new set of security challenges.

These factors brought to light how unprepared most governments and businesses were to adapt to this change. Within the last few weeks, we have come across a range of breaches – a data breach at Uber, the cyberattack on CommonSpirit Health’s IT systems leading to service disruptions, and the leak of Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 videos way before its official release.

Needless to say, such incidents not only cause substantial monetary loss but hamper a company’s reputation and irrevocably damage consumer trust.

Making the case for identity-first security

Right from its inception, Nexus has championed the identity-first security approach. We have always believed that trusted identities are the cornerstone of an effective security strategy.

Recently, this belief found wide acknowledgment with the introduction of the zero-trust security approach. Security industry experts and analysts have embraced this strategy as the answer to the growing challenges around digitization, mobility, IoT, OT, and the convergence of it all.

Leverage PKI for comprehensive security

PKI brings immense value when it comes to implementing successful identity-based security.

By assigning PKI-based verifiable identities, organizations can be assured that only authorized users, applications, systems, and smart devices can access corporate resources. Governments, too, can use certificate-based identities to provide citizen IDs and leverage trust services.

A critical challenge for PKI implementation that most organizations face is the lack of adequately skilled resources. This can be overcome by implementing PKI-based identity security as a service.

An eye on the future

A key aspect to remember is that for a security strategy to be successful, it must be as dynamic as the evolving technology and the market demands. 

The identities-as-a-service (IDaaS) model helps you achieve high scalability, can be adapted to newer technologies with ease, and is compliant with global best practices. More importantly, it lets organizations focus on their core business rather than agonizing over every aspect of the security detail.

Nexus, a trusted identity partner

Today, Nexus issues about 37 million digital identities every week, which totals to a massive 1.9 billion identities issued only within this year. With the number of users and devices rising, this number is estimated to grow exponentially over the coming years.  

Being a part of IN Groupe has strengthened our solution portfolio and further solidified our position as a leader in identity security. Together we issue billions of digital and physical identities annually to governments, municipalities, and businesses around the world.

In a hyper-connected world, identities will continue to play a pivotal role when it comes to establishing trust. We, at Nexus, are committed to shaping a secure society by enabling trusted identities.


About Olivier Dussutour

Olivier has over 15 years of experience in the security industry with deep technical knowledge in the identity market.

He joined IN Groupe in 2015 as Head of Development & Integration and led innovation for 3 years. Olivier continues to drive innovation at Nexus as the CEO and the head of the Workforce business line. His prior experience includes various roles at companies such as Entrust and Gemalto.

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