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In the modern era, one of the fastest ways to damage a company’s reputation is with a security breach. These incidents are front-page news: the home security camera breach, the hacked office building access control, and the vulnerabilities in cardiac devices.

“We all know about vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure devices, but even our kids’ toys are connected and have risks. Our job is to secure these connected devices,” explains Pär Torstensson, Product
Manager IoT for Nexus.

Threats continue to grow, aimed at the 14.4 billion connected devices worldwide. Companies must secure their devices and applications to protect their customers – not just their data and privacy, but even their
health. Robust security can help maintain a good reputation and increase the value of a company’s devices and services.

“Security starts at the factory when devices are manufactured,” Torstensson continues. “The five pillars for a well-founded security design are: define your needs, team up with a trusted partner, use tested technology, ensure scalability and flexibility, and follow regulations and industry standards.” Nexus provides public key infrastructure (PKI), a well-established security concept to secure communication. It enables the issuance of identities from a trusted certificate authority, allowing for authentication, data integrity, and confidentiality. PKI also scales, which is crucial as the number of connected devices grows rapidly.

The five pillars for a well-founded security design

“Our solutions make sure the device is really who it claims to be, the transmitted data is not altered along the road, and only the intended recipients can read the transmitted data,” says Torstensson. Our solutions help companies in a variety of industries secure their devices, such as the power tool company STIHL. Nexus also specializes in sector-specific offerings, like the automotive industry and its vehicle-to-everything communications (V2X).

Being based in Sweden is also an advantage: Europe is at the forefront of IoT cybersecurity and data protection regulations, including the adoption of new standards such as IEC 62443 and ETSI EN 202 645. “It’s a benefit to be a European company because we are in the vanguard of the best practices and technologies. I would say that we are highly trusted and respected on the market,” Torstensson says.

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Pär Torstensson

Pär has 20 years of experience in the software security industry with extensive knowledge of IoT security. At Nexus, he is responsible for Product Management in the IoT business area.

Nexus, part of the French IN Groupe, is a European leader in identity management for people and things. 

Nexus develops a range of security products that form the Nexus Smart ID platform. Through the Smart ID solution, we enable companies worldwide to issue and manage the lifecycle of the trusted workforce
identities as well as identities for workplace devices and the IoT. 

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