Nexus Smart ID secures the digitalization of the Borlänge Municipality

The local government agency implemented Smart ID in order to address the need for a combined Digital and Physical identity solution for their workforce.

The implemented solution enables the customer to manage the full lifecycle of the trusted employee identities, issued in the form of ID cards, mobile virtual smart cards and TPM based virtual smart cards. The employee identities can be used for physical and digital access, which means the organization and its’ employees don’t have to deal with multiple passwords, cards or tokens. The identities are managed in one central system and are integrated with existing HR systems, corporate directory and access control systems. This enables smooth and secure on- and offboarding of employees and contractors and makes it easy to trace actions and audit the solution.

The implementation at Borlänge municipality is integrated towards the PACs (Physical Access system) from RCO and enabling a smooth and central administration of cards used in the RCO system.

The cutting-edge solution is implemented as a hybrid model where the CA (Certificate Authority) is delivered as SaaS (software as a service) from Nexus to the customer.

The concept also includes a Digital Access (IDP, Identity Provider) solution which provides single sign-on and secure access to municipality services both for the employees using their own issued identities, but also for the citizens in the municipality using official eID’s (for example BankID).



More information
The solution used by Borlänge Municipality is delivered by Nexus partner, Atea, and consists of all standard Smart ID Workforce components:

- Digital ID

- Physical ID

- Physical Access

- Digital Access

- Corporate PKI (as a service)

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