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A brief history of modern communication security – and why PKI is the state of the art

24/9 2018

Encryption techniques have been used for millennia to protect communication – first on Mesopotamian clay tablets and most recently in the internet of things (IoT). In this text, communication security expert Christophe Cauche summarizes the modern history of communication security, and explains why public key infrastructure (PKI) is currently the best solution for securing internet communication.

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Gustaf Broman | Nexus Group

24 reasons for ordering cards as a service from Nexus

2/7 2018

Producing your RFID cards, smart cards, photo ID badges and key fobs by yourself is a substantial and complicated task – but not all off-site card and key fob production services are a good choice for organizations. “After digitalizing our onboarding process, we can proudly claim that our cards-as-a-service solution is the very best way to provision your cards and key fobs,” says Gustaf Broman, product manager at identity and security company Nexus Group.

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“Manage employee identities and access rights with a single click”

24/5 2018

Access, both digital and physical, is a topic I have spent a lot of time discussing with customers and industry experts, yet I still find it a struggle to explain it to my kids or parents. The technical terms, the shorthand that makes sense at a conference or in an industry insiders’ conversation, mean nothing to them. It’s no surprise then that such insider talk means little to any business whose main focus is, well, another business than security by better identities.

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Wall Street: Toyota Motor and General Motors back a Wi-Fi-based technology known as DSRC for vehicle connectivity, while Ford Motor and BMW support fast-tracking fifth-generation cellular broadband. PHOTO: WILLY KURNIAWAN/REUTERS

The big car makers are taking 5G telecoms into a head-to-head with the US government’s homebred DSRC technology

16/5 2018

Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal. The big car makers are taking 5G (next gen) telecoms into a head-to-head with the US government’s homebred DSRC (WiFi based) technology. One, or perhaps even both of these, will define the future for connected vehicles in North America and globally. This makes for a high octane Internet of Things (IoT) race.

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